GuFamily, founded in 2018, is Africa’s most professional network marketing, community marketing, and technology consulting company. Our team aims to serve the world by providing advanced products and services

Our idea is to “break the boundaries and expand opportunities.”
Including global vision, unique innovation, high-quality products,
Driven by technology, our mission is to provide the best products for global users.


Information technology promotion, technical consultation; computer system service; data processing; basic software service, application software service; computer software and hardware research and development, technical consultation, technical service, technology transfer, agency partner of facebook and google ADs.

GuFamily helps global developers, brands or local African companies quickly enter Africa and gain users and influence.

Technical Advisory Services

Overall Marketing Agency

Smart Advertising

Entertainment and Community Marketing


Hundreds of world senior engineers and marketers will serve you wholeheartedly

Hawk EYE Intelligent Ad system

Integrate Facebook, Google and Community Marketing

On-demand automatically match marketing budget

Pay via Pabill 「Paybill Number: 489749」

Intuitive Ads effect